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One of my fancy goldfish drawings (fantail goldfish)



WATERS not so fun adventure BY LUKE      Copyright 2017-2018 ©      

Chapter 1   POTATOES

There was once a dog named water. Water was a farm dog. Water was a small beagle. Water loved potatoes. His family game him healthy dog food, he only ate only half a bowl food so he could eat POTATOES!!!!!!!!

Water wanted water. He looked behind him a fresh bowl of flavorless clear substance! Waters mouth watered. Water slurped the substance down very noisily.

The little boy in waters family said “mommy look twisty gray thing” shortly after the mom looked out the window, she was silent, a flying potato hit her in the face. The potatoes were flying everywhere water ate some potatoes. Then he saw a tornado. Scooping up been, carrots and POTATOES!!!!

Water ran to save his special potato, IT WAS IN THE AIR! Water jumped and grabbed it like-a-boss with his mouth. water ran and ran and ran and ran but didn’t move. He was flying. With a blink of an eye. He was dead, he had to be dead.

He woke up with a new family in the vet. His leg hurt, water looked down at it his leg was bandaged up. Water saw his special potato in the trash!!! Water jumped off the table and grabbed the special potato from the garbage which was empty besides the potato. His family drove him to his new home. No farm just an empty plot of land, water shoved the potato into the plot of wet dirt he peed around it to mark his territory.

His new family gave him delicious meat food. He only ate half to save the rest for later and to eat potatoes. THE END

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